Family Photos

In this series I visited random people, friends and families; I looked through their photo albums as representatives of their private memories. I selected photographs that contained moments that attracted me in some way or which I felt I am missing in my own life. I reenacted selected scenes placing myself within them. I vacuumed their biographical memory and used it as my own, forming a new memory, now mutual. I searched for important moments in my own life, for those family-like universal structures and patterns that repeat themselves in those 'must have' photographs found within family albums. I tried to take mysterious and estranged stories that were found in the original photograph and replay it as my own. I embodied these characters by entering their stories and experiencing their memories. The visually banal outcome makes the reenacted photographs look like and play as everyday ordinary family photographs that I appropriated to my fictitious biography.

Faimily Photos, 1

Faimily Photos, 2

Faimily Photos, 3

Faimily Photos, 4

Faimily Photos, 5

Faimily Photos, 6

Faimily Photos, 7